Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tantalizing Thai

Tomorrow's lunch is leftover Thai yellow curry with rice noodles and mung bean sprouts.

This is a super easy weeknight dinner. I stir fried some fresh veggies--some from the farmers' market, and some from the grocery store--then added bottled curry sauce from Trader Joe's, then added some beautiful jumbo shrimp to poach in the sauce.

The rice noodles are a nice change from serving a curry over rice; I like the change once in a while. The bean sprouts add a nice fresh crunch.

A second look at my bento, and I notice the complete lack of contrast between all of the white ingredients and the white bento box. I think it might have looked a little more appetizing if I used one of my colored boxes or put some sort of garnish underneath to make the noodles and sprouts stand out. Oh well! That's one of the great things about eatable art--mistakes don't stay around too long;)


  1. That looks so yum. I sometimes use fresh cilantro and lime slices for Thai garnishes and that adds some more visual contrast. But I am famous for monochrome bentos; can you say red everything??!

  2. Thank you for joining my blog! I now have yours on my to-read list;)

    Cilantro and lime are great ideas for sprucing up the color contrast.