Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Road to Seoul

Mr. Toro's parents have been visiting us for the last two weeks from their home in Switzerland--yet another excuse for my sporadic postings;)

For a farewell dinner we went to a Korean barbecue restaurant in Los Angeles called The Road to Seoul. I really enjoy KBBQ--I think the interactive cook-your-own on a personal table grill is fun and an entertaining way to have dinner.

In the photo you can see some of the banchan, or side dishes, as well as some meats on our grill. We ordered Bulgogi, a marinated beef, Kalbi, which is marinated boneless short rib, unmarinated shaved brisket, and unmarinated thick chunks of sirloin. This restaurant has a large variety of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood from which to choose, all-you-can-eat style, but we stick to a few favorite (and admittedly less adventurous) cuts.

Mr. Toro likes the brisket the best, but I think my favorite is the Kalbi when it is cooked to a nicely caramelized point on the grill. Mr. Toro is also enamored with the Paejon, or Korean pancake, which you can see in photo on the plate in the bottom right. It contains eggs, scallions, and other veggies--really tasty.

A very interesting part of this style of restaurant, at least in my limited experience, is that there are little doorbell-like buttons on each table--when you need service, be it refills of meats or banchan or extra napkins, you ring the bell and your server comes by the table.

It was the first time my parents-in-law had eaten KBBQ, but they really enjoyed the flavors.

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