Friday, September 4, 2009

Bento Contest!!!

My visitor's counter is almost to 1000, so to celebrate, I'm hosting a contest! The winner will get the "Leaflet tight" bento box from the photos.

To enter:
Compose a haiku about Bento which is your own original work and post it in the comments section of this post. The best haiku wins!

Judging criteria:
15% - following haiku form (i.e. 5/7/5 syllables)
15% - using Bento as the main topic of the poem
50% - creativity
20% - expressiveness

  • All entries must be in English.
  • All entries must be posted by Midnight Pacific Standard Time on September 26, 2009.
  • You may enter as many original poems as you like, but each entry must be made as a separate comment. Multiple poems posted in the same comment will be read as and judged as a single poem.
  • I am not responsible for any errors in posting, whatever the source.
  • I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or misdirected mail--I will send confirmation that it is en-route, but if it doesn't make it to your hands, I'm sorry, but will not replace the bento.
  • I am not responsible for any issues arising from the bento box or your use of it.


  1. okey dokey, first attempt for me

    Many coloured foods
    Small and delicious
    Slice of life in box

  2. And attempt number teo from me

    Moulded eggs are fun
    Cherry tomatoes add red
    Lunch is eaten quickly!

    Now off to think some more :0)

  3. School bus honks it's horn
    Children scurry out the door
    Bento on the go

  4. I kill a fly
    sitting on my bento lunch
    does the ant know too

  5. Children hasten to halls
    Bell chimes a sixth time
    My Bento respose

  6. Thank you AB & Patrice for getting my first contest off to such a great start! You have set the bar high! Keep 'em coming...

  7. My bento box lunch
    Is full of surprising treats
    Rumbling tummy waits

  8. Ladybug bento
    Looking through a lettuce leaf
    nibble fast lunchtime.

  9. Prepare healthy food
    Pack it in a pretty box
    Daughter says "Yum Yum."

  10. Instead of "Yucky!"
    I get "Gee, Mom, You're the best."
    Loving the bento

  11. Healthy obsession
    It could be worse than bento
    But not much more fun

  12. Want a Leaflet Tight
    Can't find them anywhere here
    Lovely Bento Box

  13. Oh Dear Bento
    How I Love you so
    Colors of the Rainbow

  14. Bento is my favorite thing
    lovely rice, veggies, fruit & meat
    make my lunch very complete!

  15. Simplicity, Packed
    tight, In a tiny square box,
    Mouth full, Home-made bliss

  16. ((A rather massive poem comprised of a bunch of haikus! All this bento poetry is making me hungry.))

    Unfolding the cloth
    Untie furoshiki knot
    Spread flat on a table

    Layer on layer
    Stacked up, tiered uniformly
    Banded together

    Leveling layers
    Sprawling before all senses
    Reveal insides

    Compressed golden grains
    Flooded by deep brown rivers
    Topped with leaves, green sprigs

    A present, pleasant
    Surprise, discover inside
    Contents are arranged

    Symmetric patterns
    Comprised of fresh vegetables
    Intricately cut

    Bento, it is art
    Sculpted beauty, compassion
    A true way of life

  17. tiny little box
    filled with healthy tasty treats
    happy kid at lunch