Monday, September 28, 2009

...And the Winner Is....


I want to thank everyone who entered--I know bento-ers are a creative bunch and I was blown away by so many fantastic poems. I hope you had fun with the contest.

It was such a difficult decision, but in the end Stars just edged out the competition with an incredibly expressive poem which really captures the Bento experience.

Congratulations on the winning Bento poem:

Unfolding the cloth
Untie furoshiki knot
Spread flat on a table

Layer on layer
Stacked up, tiered uniformly
Banded together

Leveling layers
Sprawling before all senses
Reveal insides

Compressed golden grains
Flooded by deep brown rivers
Topped with leaves, green sprigs

A present, pleasant
Surprise, discover inside
Contents are arranged

Symmetric patterns
Comprised of fresh vegetables
Intricately cut

Bento, it is art
Sculpted beauty, compassion
A true way of life

Please email me with your mailing information at: and I'll send your bento right out.


  1. Thank you very much! I'm honored, and I'm glad you enjoyed my poetry!

  2. Nice job! I wish I'd come up with a beauty like that - I covet that box. ;)

  3. I've given you a blog award, please stop by my blog to collect it!

  4. Wanted to let you know that the bento came, and I'm excited to use it!

    Thanks again!