Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sushi Madness

This weekend, Mr. Toro and I had several friends over to our Los Angeles apartment for "Sushi Madness," a get-together featuring lots and lots of homemade sushi.

Rolls pictured include:
Tuna with avocado
Yellowtail with green onions
Salmon, tuna, and yellowtail
Spicy tuna
Spicy tuna & cilantro with salmon & jalapeno
Spicy salmon & cilantro with tuna & jalapeno
Shrimp and tamago-yaki

There is also an assortment of Nigiri, including tuna, yellowtail, salmon, tamago-yaki, squid, chutoro tuna, and snapper.

I made a double batch of homemade miso soup (with tofu and seaweed), and I also served some seaweed salad, which I purchased pre-made.

The party was something of a double celebration. First off, I got the job offer I was waiting on, so hurray! I still have a year of school left, but after I graduate, I will be working at the firm at which I had my internship this summer. Second, it was a friend's birthday last week, which I missed as I was taking an exam.

I follow Maki's recipe from Just Bento / Just Hungry to make my miso soup--it's the perfect recipe in my opinion.

My sushi rice is a simplified version of a simplified version I found in a cookbook; I'll post it next weekend, as I left my annotated book in Los Angeles and don't want to post it incorrectly from memory. Despite the fact that it's a few steps removed from 'authentic' sushi rice, the result is very serviceable in my opinion.

I purchased sashimi grade fish from a local Japanese market in West Los Angeles. I frequently get fish from Catalina Offshore Products, but did not have the time to stop by their location in San Diego on my way to Los Angeles. The seaweed salad and masago did, however come from Catalina from a previous large purchase (I had stored unused portions in the freezer).

As a point of trivia, my favorite sushi is Yellowtail (Hamachi).


  1. Wow, you are awesome for making all of those sushi!

  2. It took a while...but it was a really fun get-together!