Friday, May 8, 2009

Sushiman Bento Review

So, for a post-exam treat (3 down, 2 to go!) I stopped off at a new sushi restaurant for lunch. Boy, what a mistake.

Sushiman is a chain of fast service sushi places in Hawaii and California. I went to their location at the Village Walk at Eastlake, in Chula Vista, California. I got the "Lunch Bento" ($6.99, $9.24 with fountain drink and tax).

As pictured, the bento came with 4 pieces of nigiri, 4 large California roll pieces, an Inari, a bit of salad, and a cup of miso soup.

"Ugh" is about the best descriptor I can come up with for this meal.

The salad came with a big glop of unidentified white dressing on it--I ate the lettuce underneath, avoiding the goopy mass as best I could.

The Cali roll was huge. Ridiculously so. It was impossible to eat in one bite, but was so structurally unsound as to make it a crumbled mess after trying to bite into it. Add in pretty flavorless filling, and this was bad.

But the maki was gourmet compared to the nigiri. The tamago was rubbery, the ebi flavorless, the ika tough, and the magoro tasteless.

Sigh. What a disappointment. My usual sushi bar about a mile and a half away blows Sushiman out of the water (and is similarly priced), and even the local Von's grocery story boasts superior sushi.

Sushiman's take out menus and a sign posted on the restaurant window claim that theirs was "chosen best sushi in Hawaii,' but I can only recommend you avoid Sushiman at all costs.

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  1. Yay! For a minute I thought you had made this bento yourself! ;) I guess it looks better than it tasted :(

    Well, I'm not sure if I'll ever get to Hawaii (although I love the doubl 'i' at the end ;) but if I do I'll make sure not to get anything at Sushiman's.