Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Little Piggy...

Easter leftovers and a little (twisted?) whimsy are what's for lunch today.

In the main box, corn casserole (Mr. Toro's favorite) and cheesy potatoes (courtesy of Mr. Toro's sister's boyfriend...say that 3 times fast;) flank some Honeybaked Ham. Piggy is cut ham with a couple dots of nori to make his eyes and mouth. A couple edamame pods make up a little landscaping for color.

Dessert is a tiny sliver of banana-vanilla pudding pie (thank you Auntie Olie!) with some fruit to healthy it up a little.

Easter was great...Mr. Toro's sister, her boyfriend, their friend, and my aunt all came over for a nice relaxing day. There was some Wii involved, lots of food, and a couple glasses of wine.

Now, unfortunately, it's back to the books. I'm trying to learn the Federal Rules of Evidence (impeachment of witnesses at the moment) which is about as exciting as it sounds.

Mr. Toro informed me that, when showing off his bento at lunch today, one of the new people at work had to take a picture of Piggy. That made my day!

Now back to Evidence...

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