Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teriyaki and Little Trees

Mr. Toro is having lunch out today for a work function, so today's photo is of my lunch...I tend to make mine less elaborate than I make his, although I like to make them attractively organized. I suppose I am just less motivated to put the work into something for myself.

Teriyaki beef, heart-shaped carrot rice, and some broccoli are what's for lunch, with a dessert of sliced strawberries and mandarin orange segments in the smaller box.

In person, the rice has a much nicer orange color. I'm going to have to consider getting a new camera...the iPhone is handy, but has some obvious limitations.

I got a new treat in the mail yesterday--cute bento accessories. The happy tree trunk is one of the set of food picks I got...more to come, and the penguin sauce bottle tucked behind the broccoli is another.

I'm a big fan of (from whence the bulk of my supplies come)--lots of bento knick-knacks for around $1, and since they ship from San Francisco (instead of Japan, like most other internet bento supply stores) the shipping isn't enough to give you a heart attack.

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