Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Speedy Sandwich Bento

Another quickie Bento--tucked into today's box is a wedge of a turkey and ham sandwich on focaccia bread with lettuce and guacamole. Accompanying the sandwich is a cluster of baby-cut carrots and some baked potato chips.

The chips are a new find--I picked them up at Costco. Unlike other baked potato chips I've tried, these are actual slices of potato rather than some strange Styrofoam-tasting pureed potato extrusion. These are light, crisp, and very potato-y. I would definitely buy them again.

Anyway, back to the books!


  1. When you say this is a "quickie bento" about how long did this take you to put together? I'm always trying to figure out what the average is people spend putting a bento together. Though obviously some take longer than others. =)

    Good luck with the studying!

  2. This one probably took me about 7-8 minutes (more than 5, less than 10;) including making the sandwich and slicing the strawberry for decoration. I didn't fuss over it too much...except maybe a little to figure out at what angle I wanted the carrots to lean.

    I like to be able to take a bento for lunch daily, and I think if I made them too elaborate all of the time I would think of it as a chore rather than a relaxing diversion. I make the more decorative ones when I have spare time, or when the inspiration strikes me. But even when I'm making a 'quickie,' I like to make them pleasing to my eye--I try to find a balance in color and arrangement that just feels right.

    Thank you for the study luck!

  3. Hey, we've got Kettle potato chips in Holland! Rosemary & sea salt is my favourite!