Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Breakfast Bakery Review

Today I'm celebrating the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday...ok, ok, I'm 32 (random trivia--today is also William Shakespeare's 445th birthday). So, as a treat to myself, I stopped by a local bakery on the way to school to pick up breakfast.

Hans & Harry's Bakery is located at 5080 Bonita Road in Bonita, California (which is just outside of San Diego if you're not familiar with the area.)

Their website ( indicates the eponymous Hans and Harry are natives of Holland, and practice the "fine art of European cake design and baking."

Pictured are my selections this morning. Clockwise from the left are a fresh fruit tart, a fresh fruit croissant, and a slice of raspberry coffee cake. No, they're not all for me!

Walking into Hans & Harry's, I was overwhelmed by the aroma of the bakery--it just about short-circuited my ability to think, it was so rich and sweet. Two large cases held a rainbow of treats, and on the opposite wall was a bank of vertical refrigerators with cakes and similar bakery. Around the corner from the retail section was a display of beautiful wedding cakes.

I was a bit overwhelmed trying to make a selection...each pastry looked amazing and they all wanted to come home with me;) I picked up a couple extra for friends because each of the pastries in the photo cost $1.50 or less!

The fruit tart lived up to its looks. Light, flaky layers of buttery dough topped with fruit all hugged by a sweet glaze. Mouthwatering! A really lovely balance between sweet and buttery. By far the best bakery I've eaten since I was last in Switzerland.

So, not an everyday breakfast--I'd balloon up in about a week--but as an occasional indulgence, completely worth it.


  1. That looks fabulous! I haven't had any really good pastries in ages. : (

  2. Almost forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I've been 29 for almost 10 years now. ; )

  3. Thank you!

    The pastries were a real treat! Genuinely European if only I had a real cappuccino at the time too....

  4. @Stars--Thank you!

    @Arm70--actually, Mr. Toro was born in Switzerland, so I keep a Euro handy for emergencies! :)