Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doxie Box

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm dachshund-crazy. So, here is the first of what is sure to be many dachshund-themed bento lunches.

The doxie is a piece of nori (sushi seaweed) which I cut with an exacto knife. It actually didn't take as much time as you might think. It was entertaining while relaxing on Saturday night while Mr. Toro was up at school.

I cooked the rice with some grated carrot to give it some orange color (I was thinking that it would look kind of cool with the silhouette of the cutout...sunset-like if you use a strong dose of imagination) and, of course, to sneak some veggies in to the meal. The hearts (one for each doxie at home...awwwww...yeah, I have a problem) are carrots as are the hearts in the upper box.

The protein on the left is a Boca spicy "chicken" patty and it is accompanied by carrots and some seaweed salad.

This bento does emphasize to me that I really need to do some grocery shopping--I didn't have anything to add color that wasn't green or carrots...

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